When you think of tea, you think of that stuff that you drink in the morning. Or maybe what your grandparents like to sip in the afternoon with a plate of biscuits on the side. You probably don’t think DIY powerhouse. Yet, that’s what tea is - it has a slew of hidden uses that you’ve never even considered, but will be glad you discovered. Tea-time is all the time with these unexpected applications.

Soothe Sunburn

If you accidentally baked in the sun, then tea can come to your rescue. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, tea is a natural remedy for sunburn. Take some cool tea-bags and place them on the affected area and feel the soothing effects sinking in almost immediately. In black tea, the tannic acid works to remove the heat from the burn. It’s also high in catechins, an antioxidant which promotes skin repair.

Battle Breakouts

It’s no secret that drinking tea is highly beneficial for your skin. But that’s not the only way that your skin can drink in the benefits. All teas have at least mild astringent properties, with green tea being particularly high on the spectrum. And if you’ve ever checked a bottle of your toner, this is what you’re looking for. Apply it topically by dabbing it on to reduce redness and pore size.

Ease Under Eyes

Along the same lines, the tannins in tea help blood vessels to shrink, so you’re going to want to pop some tea bags over your eyes and take a little nap. When you wake up, your under eye circles will be visibly reduced. Again, green tea is the go-to you should reach for when trying this DIY remedy. These are bags under your eyes you’re going to actually want.

Mask Maker

Sites like Pinterest are awash with tea face masks, and there’s a reason - they work. Sprinkle some white or green tea powder into your mask mix, and let the anti-inflammatory properties work magic on the elastin in skin cells. Also say goodbye to puffiness and hello to sun protection - tea has been shown to have protective properties and help block out the sun.

Degrease Dishes

Doing dishes is never fun, but tea can make it better. If your food is really caked on your dishes, give ‘em a soak overnight in a tea bath. Those tannins will come to use again and cut through the grease, making your next dishwashing session a little less crumby.

Finesse Floors

Believe it or not, if you don’t feel like busting out the chemicals, tea can do the trick. Black tea is actually effective as a cleaner and a refinisher for your hardwood floors. If your floor’s got scratches, bust out the black tea. The tannins work to gently color where the damage has been done, and doesn’t hurt in making your floor nice and shiny, too.

Eliminate Odor

Have you noticed your gym bag’s gone a little funky lately? Tea bags are here to help. After you’ve had your cup of tea, set the tea bags out to dry. Then stick them inside wherever you want to get the smell out - in your bag, or maybe some sweaty shoes. The bags are going to absorb the moisture and get you smelling fresh in no time.

Help Your Hair

Tea works wonders for hair repair in more ways than one. Once more, green tea is our particular hero. It contains Panthenol, which helps to prevent split ends by strengthening the hair. Its potency with antioxidants also has been proven to stimulate hair growth. It can even combat dandruff - the anti-inflammatory properties give flaky skin a run for its money. Give your hair a tea rinse to start seeing the benefits.

Bathe Better

You probably never thought to put your tea in the tub. You’ve heard of bath salts, but a more and more popular alternative? Bath teas. Yep, make your own herbal bath - if you’ve ever loved your tea so much you want to crawl into a big cup of it, then this is the trend for you. Combine tea leaves into a reusable cloth bag with your favorite herbs, like lavender, sage, chamomile, or even rose petals for aroma. It’s not just a recipe for aromatherapy, it’s aromathera-tea.

Double Your Drink

Okay, we know this technically counts as drinking your tea, but if you don’t know what to do with your old teabags, don’t necessarily throw them away. You can steep them in your next cup of tea to get up on flavor instead of getting rid of them after one brew. The used tea bags don’t have all of the oomph of their new counterparts, but they do definitely boost the flavor in a regular cup.