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Explore our variety of tea flavors with our flavored tea bags designed to captivate your taste buds wherever you may be - work, home, or on the go!


Taste the easy island flavor of Tropical Splash Rooibos Tea. One sip of this fruity twist on the original will make you feel like you are in the tropics. Tropical Splash is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options

At Seelect Tea, we carefully cultivate only the finest natural and organic ingredients to create the best-flavored tea bags with the most soothing aromas. Shop your favorite teas paired with amazing flavors to add new dimensions to your routine. Discover fantastic fruit-flavored tea bags like peach, raspberry, and pomegranate, or indulge in tropical tea bags like mango, kiwi, lime, and tropical splash! From classics like cinnamon spice or passion fruit tea bags to bold blends like fruit punch, our assortment has something unique to discover and enjoy. Our assortment offers a wide range of options to explore and enjoy, from timeless classics like cinnamon spice and passion fruit tea bags to bold blends like fruit punch. Find your flavor today!