Maraschino Cherry Snow Cone Syrup

Maraschino Cherry Snow Cone Syrup is vegan, kosher, and gluten free.

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The best part of any ice cream sundae is by far the maraschino cherry. Sitting pretty on top of a cloud of whipped cream, the maraschino cherry is the most coveted part of the whole dish. And there’s usually only one. Seelect Tea provides you with a whole new approach on the sweet, fruity flavor of maraschino cherries. Now, instead of trying to decide who gets that single cherry on your sundae, everyone will be able to enjoy this great flavor with Maraschino Cherry Snow Cone Syrup. Round up the friends and family for a snow cone party that can’t be beat. Pour a little, pour a lot. Everyone gets great, quality maraschino cherry flavor with Seelect Tea.