Maraschino Cherry Syrup, Organic

Organic Maraschino Cherry Syrup is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

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Can you tie a maraschino cherry stem with your tongue? It’s okay, we can’t either. Whether you can or can’t doesn’t really matter. All that does is that you enjoy the tasty flavor of maraschino cherries. To make the flavors of your culinary creations really pop, try adding Organic Maraschino Cherry Syrup to any cookie, cake, or smoothie recipe. Be original, be unique. There’s so much that can be made with Seelect Tea’s Organic Maraschino Cherry Syrup that the possibilities are practically endless. With awesome organic flavor, you can count on Seelect Tea to provide you with over 90 flavors of organic syrups for all of your sweetest recipes.