About Us

Our Company:

Since 1924, Seelect Tea has been in the business of brewing premium and organic teas. We are a multigenerational, family owned and operated company that serves individuals and both large and small businesses looking for new and better ways to brew natural teas and create their products. We mix the art of making flavors with the science of modern flavoring techniques to make original creations. We bring life to the tea and coffee world with our pure, honest approach to gathering the natural, nutritional gifts nature provides. Additionally, we specialize in custom formulations because we know that one flavor does not always fit all.

At Seelect Tea, you can always expect:

  • - Top-quality products
  • - Incomparable selection
  • - Stellar customer service
About Bill Sabo:

“I was only 4 years old when I began my true passion for flavors. My great uncle was a flavor technician and I enjoyed watching him mix, concoct, and problem solve. His joy became mine and I quickly learned all he had to teach. At 17 years old, I founded a business where we combine traditions of knowledge and modern flavoring technology to create original, award-winning flavors. I travel the world seeking new teas and unique ingredients to create turnkey formulations for your products. Cultivating right from earth's rich and abundant natural source, I travel across continents to find and learn about the endless array of ingredients and combinations to bring to Seelect Tea. From Green Tea, to Rooibos, to Catnip Tea, and everything in between, Seelect Tea is always crafting and creating flavors for your wellness and enjoyment.”

-Bill Sabo, The Flavor Guy

Our Facility:

At Seelect Tea, it is our mission to spread the natural and organic bounty of nature through our products. We take pride in our longstanding position as leaders in the Natural and Organic industry and we thank our customers for their continued patronage.

Our quality control department is staffed by microbiologists and chemists that utilize state-of-the-art technology. Seelect Tea utilizes the latest in modern gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and mass spectrometry (MS) and uses high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) tactics.

Seelect Tea is a FDA and organic certified company that upholds and adheres to HACCP guidelines. We are a proud recipient of the GMP certification and carry natural and organic products that fit any dietary requirement ranging from gluten and sugar-free, to kosher, to vegan.

Our facility is in sunny, Southern California and we can be reached at:

Seelect Tea
833 N. Elm Street
Orange, CA 92867

Our Brands
  • Nature’s Flavors - For All Things Natural

    Family owned and run for over 35 years. It is our mission to spread the Natural and Organic bounty of nature through our products.

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  • Naturlax - Natural Fiber Supplement With Over 80 Flavors

    Our psyllium husk fiber supplement is all natural, sugar-free, and comes in over 80 flavors. A tasty way to helps regulate and maintain digestive health!

    Visit naturlax.com

  • Seelect Tea - Premium Teas and Herbal Teas for over 90 Years

    For generations, we have been bringing a variety of premium and herbal teas into your homes.

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  • Yum Matcha - 100% Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

    As ministers of matcha, we make it our mission to spread the word about the health benefits of matcha green tea.

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