Melatonin Loose Tea

Loose Tea

Unwind and catch up on rest with premium melatonin loose tea.


Whether you're zig-zagging around the globe for work or just in need of a good night's rest, Seelect Tea's Lemon Melatonin Tea will help get you that long, quality sleep you're looking for.   Size Options


Seelect Tea's Mango Melatonin Tea will suit your needs to get you that long, quality sleep you've been looking for. There's simply no point counting sheep when you have Seelect Tea' Mango Melatonin Tea in you...   Size Options


Seeking a restful night, Seelect Tea's Orange Spice Melatonin Tea will be the ideal tea to get you that long, quality sleep you're looking for. There's no longer a point in counting sheep when you have Seelec...   Size Options

The pairing of melatonin and tea has often been used as an aid in softening the effects of jet lag or more easily falling asleep. With our premium melatonin loose teas, we’ve combined this relaxing beverage with a delicious assortment of flavors. Brew a cup with the flavors of mango, lemon, or orange spice. Our melatonin loose tea will help you settle in for a good night’s rest, and the flavors will create an enjoyable, soothing experience. Because our melatonin tea for sleep is loose, you can also adjust your cup to make as much or as little as you need. Shop our flavored melatonin loose teas today, and brew a calming cup like no other.