Mullein Tea Bags

Tea Bags

With their slightly sweet, yet light and herbal flavor, our mullein tea bags offer a refreshing escape.


The flavor of Mullein Tea is milder compared to most teas. It has a pleasant flavor and can be dressed up with lemon or any sweetener.   Size Options

For millennia, mullein tea has been celebrated for its calming effects and numerous wellness benefits. With mullein herbal tea bags from Seelect Tea, you can practice this tradition everywhere, brewing a premium cup packed with antioxidants and vitamin C at work, home, or on the go. Naturally delicious and caffeine-free, we’re committed to offering the best mullein tea bags, cultivated from only the finest ingredients available. Take a well-earned break today with mullein tea bags that soothe the soul. For extra flavor, dress up our mullein herbal tea bags with a hint of lemon or a teaspoon of honey.