Mullein Tea - Loose Tea

Loose Tea

At Seelect Tea, our premium mullein loose-leaf tea is carefully cultivated for the most refreshing taste and soothing experience.


The flavor of Mullein Loose Leaf Tea is milder compared to most teas. It is pleasant and can be dressed up with lemon or any sweetener.   Size Options

Mullein loose tea has long been celebrated for its calming effect and wellness benefits. In fact, since ancient Greece, loose-leaf mullein tea has traditionally been used for a variety of wellness benefits, including as a way to soothe cold and flu symptoms. At Seelect Tea, we offer high-quality mullein loose-leaf tea that offers optimal flavor and benefits. Velvety leaves are cut and sifted in our mullein loose tea, and when steeped, they offer an undeniably smooth, soothing taste. For richer cups with bolder flavor, adjust the ratio of your loose tea. Order mullein loose-leaf tea today, and experience an unparalleled flavor profile with wellness boosts steeped in tradition.