Rooibos Tea Bags

Tea Bags

With our assortment of flavored rooibos tea bags, enjoy tea rich in antioxidants and taste.


Berry Rooibos Tea is great enjoyed iced or hot and tastes similar to orange pekoe tea. With the added flavor of delicious berries, this tea is a crowd pleaser.   Size Options


Our Kiwi Strawberry Flavored Rooibos Tea is a wonderful blend of exotic kiwi and fruity strawberry flavors.   Size Options


Nothing’s better than biting into a sweet, juicy peach. Our Peach Flavored Rooibos Tea is no exception with its summery, delightful taste and fragrance. Peach Rooibos Tea is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options


Rooibos Tea in its purest form and similar in taste to orange pekoe tea and can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Easy on the taste buds and wonderful for the health, heart, and soul.   Size Options


Taste the easy island flavor of Tropical Splash Rooibos Tea. One sip of this fruity twist on the original will make you feel like you are in the tropics. Tropical Splash is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options

Rooibos herbal tea, also known as red tea, is a South African beverage documented to be one of the strongest antioxidant teas available. Naturally caffeine-free, our rooibos tea bags offer numerous health benefits infused with a deliciously refreshing taste that feels like a guilty pleasure. Indulge in red tea bags with notes of berry, kiwi strawberry, peach, and more. Take our rooibos tea bags on the road, and enjoy red tea hot or iced anywhere. At Seelect Tea, we carefully cultivate and infuse rooibos herbal tea with the best-quality ingredients and natural flavors. Shop today and taste the difference.