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Find refreshing, high-quality organic tea bags at Seelect Tea.


Seelect Tea’s Organic Alfalfa Tea is mild and calming to the palette. Our Organic Alfalfa Tea has a clean and earthy taste with a tinge of sweetness and is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher   Size Options


Paired with an additional refreshing taste of crisp apple, Seelect Tea’s Organic Apple Chamomile Tea is perfect for any occasion.   Size Options


Calming taste with a slightly bitter finish. Largely a tea for the ladies, our Organic Black Cohosh Root Tea is said to help ease the symptoms of menopause and PMS. Tea is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options


Our Organic Blueberry Leaf Tea flavor is faintly grassy, like that of green tea and high in antioxidants. Blueberry Leaf Tea is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options


If you enjoy a hint of mint and the scent of citrus, this tea is just for you. Seelect Tea’s Organic Catnip Tea has a slightly minty taste with lemony, citrus undertones, which are pleasing to the palette. It ...   Size Options


Light and airy with the faint taste of a crisp apple this tea is for tea lovers of all kinds. Organic Chamomile Tea is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options


Spice up your day with this Green Tea blended with the kick of cinnamon. Flavor is earthy and grassy with an undertone of warming cinnamon.   Size Options


The sweet-tart taste of cranberries mixed with green tea is a great way to awaken your taste buds. Organic Green Tea - Cranberry is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options


Organic Daily Diet Tea   Size Options


The flavor of Seelect Tea's Organic Dandelion Root Tea is subtle, with a slightly bitter, black licorice taste. Gone are the days when the dandelion was only looked at as an inferior, annoying garden weed.Cert...   Size Options


Feel a cold coming on? Echinacea Tea is the perfect remedy for fighting off a nasty bug and has a subtle flavor, with a hint of earthy pine.   Size Options


Seelect Tea’s Organic Fenugreek Seed Tea has a unique peppery or licorice flavor. Known for its distinct, genuine flavor, fenugreek seed tea is an herbal tea recognized for its celebrated and historically med...   Size Options


Seelect Tea’s Organic Green Tea Fruit Punch contains the right blend of complementary antioxidants. It provides the great taste of fruit punch, which makes it a perfect fit for any healthy lifestyle.   Size Options


Paired with the refreshing zing of ginger, Seelect Tea’s Organic Chamomile with Ginger Tea is perfect for any occasion, day or night.   Size Options


The flavor of Seelect Tea’s Organic Green Tea is earthy and grassy with herbaceous undertones. Known for the color of its leaves and the color of the tea after it has been brewed, Green Tea’s popularity is ran...   Size Options


The flavor of our Organic Hyssop Tea is strong and warm with minty, almost peppery, undertones. Literally a breath of fresh air. Not only does Hyssop Tea make a great cup of tea, but it can do wonders for anyo...   Size Options


Paired with the refreshing taste of lemon, Seelect Tea’s Organic Lemon Chamomile Tea is great for any tea lover’s palette.   Size Options


The flavor of Organic Licorice Root Tea is warming and herbal, reminiscent of spicy anise. Most common use of licorice root worldwide is to treat coughs and colds. It is especially useful for treating colds th...   Size Options


Seelect Tea’s Organic Milk Thistle Tea is gentle and mild, making for an easy-going, enjoyable mug of tea. It also has a history of being a natural liver cleanser and promotes the health and wellness of the ov...   Size Options


Organic Nettle Tea   Size Options


Our Organic Ginger Tea is highly aromatic with warm and spicy notes of ginger. Certified: organic, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.   Size Options


Sharing a similar flavor profile as black tea, Seelect Tea’s Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea is strong and full, despite what its name may suggest. but it’s known for so much more.<br/><br/> <h2><b>Benefits</b></h...   Size Options


Paired with the refreshing taste of peppermint, Seelect Tea’s Organic Peppermint Chamomile Tea is a great tea for everyday enjoyment.   Size Options


Seelect Tea’s Organic Peppermint Tea is versatile, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Its minty, crisp flavor makes a wonderful cup of tea. Whether you’re looking for a favorite tea to get your ...   Size Options

Our assortment of organic tea bags includes favorites like green tea and chamomile, as well as other herbal teas that deliver crisp and refreshing bursts of flavor. From seed to production, our certified organic ingredients are carefully cultivated for maximum quality, ensuring that each sip delivers a complex and refined taste you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy organic green tea bags at home, work, or on the go, or explore our variety of organic chamomile tea bags infused with apple, ginger, and other pairings. Discover new organic herbal tea bags that will tantalize your taste buds with unique blends. At Seelect Tea, our certified organic tea bags offer premium flavor profiles that you can enjoy anywhere.