Herbal Teas for Sore Throats

Herbal Tea For Sore Throat

Allergy or seasonal cold and flu symptoms can result in painful and distracting sore throats.


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Our Throat Formula is easy to swallow. ™ Valued for centuries by Native Americans, the sweet-tasting inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree was used to temporarily relieve dry and sore throats. To offer additi...   Size Options

At Seelect Tea, our assortment of herbal teas for sore throats can help soothe and offer much-needed relief. It’s no secret that hot tea is often used as a remedy for sore throat. When paired with the right combination of high-quality ingredients, throat-soothing teas like our proprietary Throat Blend can temporarily alleviate dry or sore throats. Our assortment includes other hot teas for sore throats as well, like chamomile tea, which has long been associated with coating throats and alleviating inflammation. Shop our herbal teas for sore throats, and find a variety of solutions that can help you alleviate seasonal symptoms and power through the day.