Cranberry Green Tea Loose Leaf, Organic

The sweet-tart taste of cranberries mixed with loose leaf green tea is a great way to awaken your taste buds.

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Tea Type:
Green tea, just like black tea, is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. These leaves, though, are not allowed to oxidize, leaving green tea with a higher content of antioxidants. Green tea may also be helpful for those living with IBS, diabetes, liver disease, or those trying to lose weight. Not sure of your favorite Seelect Tea Green Tea? Make sure to try Organic Green Tea with Lemon Honey, Organic Green Tea with Fruit Punch, and Organic Green Tea with Mint as well.

History & Health:
The history of green tea goes back further than any other type of tea, dating thousands of years ago when Chinese Emperor Shennong discovered the tea's new use. People originally chewed and ate green tea leaves, but a green tea leaf accidentally fell into a cup of boiling water. Without realizing, Shennong drank the water and liked it so much that he requested it be prepared for him regularly.

Steeping Directions:
Pour one cup of fresh boiling water over tea, steep 4-6 minutes. The longer Seelect Tea’s Cranberry Green Tea Loose Leaf Organic steeps, the stronger the flavor. Lemon or honey may be added.

Certified: organic, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.