Papaya Leaf Mint Tea (16 bags)

Some consider papaya leaf to be a little on the bitter side, but Seelect Tea's Papaya-Mint Tea takes on an entirely new taste and aroma with the addition of peppermint. Papaya is recognized as an invaluable herb, and peppermint is known not only for its soothing effect, but also its distinctive aroma. Seeelct Tea’s Papaya-Mint Tea makes a wonderful cup of tea that can be enjoyed both day and night.

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History & Health:
Originally from Central and South America and the Caribbean and nicknamed the 'Fruit of the Angels,' the papaya tree is known for much more than it's delicious, juicy fruit. The leaves of the papaya plant contain enzymes called 'papain' that can not only help to break down the fibers in meat, but also help in the digestion process of proteins and gluten in the gut. Seelect Tea's Papaya-Mint Leaf Tea is particularly of interest to those with celiac disease or to those with difficulty digesting gluten. Not only that, but Seelect Tea's Papaya-Mint Leaf Tea is also said to help with IBS, heartburn, and help to increase the appetite. Seelect Tea's Papaya-Mint Leaf Tea contains beta-carotene, calcium, niacin, and Vitamin C. Surprisingly, there is more Vitamin C in the leaves than in the fruit. Other great herbal teas by Seelect Tea include Catnip Tea, Parsley Leaf Tea, and Organic Senna Leaf Tea.

Steeping Directions:
Pour one cup of fresh boiling water over tea, steep 4-6 minutes. The longer the tea steeps, the stronger the flavor. Lemon or honey may be added.

Certified: vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.